From universal joints (UJ) to oil jets,HIKARI SEIKO CO., LTD. (HKR) manufactures precision automotive parts.

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December, 2020
Presented Kuwana Technical High School with HIKARI SEIKO’s “Antiseptic Solution Pump Stand”
December, 2020
Canceled “QC Circle Convention”
November, 2020
Held “Health Promotion Seminar”
August, 2020
Held “Competition to Show Off Improvements” at Each Plant
June, 2020
Provided Various Types of Education and Training for Dealing with COVID-19 Crisis
May, 2020
Held “Quit Smoking Seminar”
April, 2020
[2020 long service awards ceremony] canceled
April, 2020
[2020 retirement ceremony] held
April, 2020
[2020 welcoming ceremony for new employees] held
April, 2020
Explanation of [HIKARI SEIKO Company Policy for FY2020]
March, 2020
Recognized as “2020 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization”
January, 2020
“Work Commencement Ceremony” Held at Headquarters Plant, Inabe Plant, and Hokusei Plant
January, 2020
President Tsuda → Director and Senior Advisor, Managing Director Nishimura → President
December, 2019
“82nd QC Circle Convention” Held
November, 2019
“Company-wide Safety Training” Held
November, 2019
Seven “Mutual Benefit Association Outing” Plans
November, 2019
Redesign of HIKARI SEIKO Work Clothes
October, 2019
Visit by 31 Employees from “Fukuyama Giken Industry”
July, 2019
“Disaster Drills” Held at All Plants
July, 2019
Supported 2019 “Kuwana Suigo Fireworks Festival”
July, 2019
Awarded “Jatco Supplier Award”
June, 2019
“81st QC Circle Convention” held
June, 2019
Visit by Mr. Shimizu, General Manager of Nagoya branch of Bank of Japan
May, 2019
Visit by Mr. Takahashi, Director-General of Chubu Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
April, 2019
2019 Long service awards ceremony held

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